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Cora J. Belden Library
Phone: 860-258-7621 (Main)     Mon - Wed: 9:30 - 8:00
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Cora J. Belden Library - Movies



OverDrive has hundreds of movies and videos, from feature films to documentaries, children's material and TV series, there is something for everyone!

Device Compatibility: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire Tablets (Please note: Currently, you cannot view movies and videos on OverDrive using the Libby app, only the OverDrive app and desktop browser interface.)

Indieflix has thousands of full length feature films, shorts, documentaries, and series from around the world, both classic and contemporary. Explore thought-provoking, well-known and undiscovered content.

Device Compatibility: Android, iOS (Please note: Indieflix is ONLY available through the Libby mobile app - click here to learn more)